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Just about every home in Los Angeles has a garbage disposal and they certainly make life easier. However, they also can come with some problems of their own and sometimes can be difficult to fix without proper assistance. Garbage disposals are electrical motor driven grinders that are installed beneath the kitchen sink to break down waste or left over food into tiny disposable scraps. It is a key part to an unclogged drain because without it, the pipes may get jammed with a gluten rich pasta strands or a shard of tough T-bone. Coffee grounds, grease and other chunks off food can also leave your pipes sluggish or jam your garbage disposal completely. When yours starts to hum, call in Rooters on Time so that the rest of your plumbing doesn’t suffer.

Clogged Pipes and Garbage Disposal Professionals in Los Angeles

We keep your sink draining!

  • Instant repair and installation
  • Odor free, efficient garbage disposal all year round
  • Affordable solution!

A garbage disposal may either lose its sharp edge over time or it may refuse to start-up altogether. In any case, please do NOT try and investigate the problem by putting your hand down the disposal chute. Instead, follow the tips below and when you need help call us. We provide easy plumbing solutions and will travel all over Los Angeles.

To safely keep your garbage disposal in proper working order, try some of these tips:

  • Avoid jamming thick starchy food or uncooked fibrous veggies down the conduit.
  • Avoid switching it on and off rapidly.
  • Crush ice cubes and orange rind periodically to get rid of unpleasant smell
  • Clear out with a jet of high pressure water.

If despite best efforts your disposal machine is giving you nightmares, it is time to call a professional. Rooters on Time provides service all around Los Angeles and we are always on time and always in budget! Call (877) 900-1314 today and get your pipes working in tip top shape.

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