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Hate digging? Hate toxic chemicals? Hate clogged drains and pipes? Well then, you are the perfect candidate for our green maintenance solution – Hydro Jetting! Rooters on Time is a premier plumbing team located in Los Angeles, California who has had years of experience with this technology. We use a strong, steady high powered stream of water at an astounding pressure of 4000 psi to clear out the stubbornest blockage from your plumbing. And give you the high water pressure you need! Be it grease or hair or soap or a kiddie toy, our hydro jetting machine can break it down and flush it away. Without mess! Use it as an upkeep strategy to keep your pipes in “good health” the whole year round! It is affordable and very quick.

Non-Toxic Solutions Available in Los Angeles

  • Environment friendly resolution to clogs and blockage problems
  • No harmful, toxic chemicals
  • Trained professionals with the best equipment to handle the hydro jet
  • Safe and hassle free wrap up of cleaning session
  • Great way to prevent, not just cure, drain and sewer mal-functioning.

Hydro jetting provides safe and effective cleaning solutions for your pipes in Los Angeles. It is a highly recommended practice, as it doesn’t harm the environment, people or pets… like other chemical solutions can. The jet is handled by trained professionals and is 100% safe. This means that you can get the results you want without a mess or headache.

Call today and see what we can do for you. For Los Angeles residents we are offering discounts to help you save more. Schedule your appointment today by calling (877) 900-1314. You’ll be glad you did! Why wait till leaks and rust cause a crack? Tackle the problem head on with us.

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