Today there is a lot of talk about the state of ecology, and this is not at all surprising, because the residents of the capital and other cities know firsthand what a blithe attitude to this issue is about. But if we can affect the level of air pollution only to a small extent, then we can stop throwing out hazardous waste into general garbage containers in our power.

What is dangerous garbage

To begin with, let’s take a quick look at what is hazardous waste and why it’s impossible to dump it in a landfill or in a regular waste bin. So, in the most ordinary apartment, you can find hazardous waste at this best garbage disposal website. They should not be thrown away into ordinary containers, because of this, the danger of poisoning not only the soil or groundwater but also domestic animals, which often break off the leashes during a walk, increases. And even for children, such garbage is very dangerous, because especially inquisitive people like to dig deeper into garbage cans in search of interesting things to play.
Thus, if you care about your health, your loved ones, and smaller brothers, and you also understand that the cleanliness and comfort of your yard largely depend on your personal behavior, you should think about installing special containers in the yard to collect dangerous household items.

Garbage Disposal
Garbage Disposal

What is a special container?

In other regions, the rules on this subject may be different. Special containers come in various sizes, some of them can be adapted for the disposal of large items such as consumer electronics, and some resemble urns more and are designed to collect batteries and small fluorescent lamps. Also, such containers can have a different design, but in any case, using them, you prevent environmental pollution and take care of your health and safety of those around you.
What kind of container will be installed in your yard depends on two factors: firstly, the wishes of the tenants of the house, secondly – the capabilities of your management company or TSN. Currently, it is possible to organize the collection of hazardous waste so that it is convenient for all.

Where to take hazardous waste

Hazardous waste must be disposed of, it cannot be disposed of at public city landfills, as the danger of pollution increases significantly. Therefore, special containers are transported to waste disposal sites organized by the authorities.

But if a container for collecting hazardous waste is not installed in the courtyard, no one will take away batteries and light bulbs from the common tank. Thus, dangerous garbage and ends up in the city dump. Therefore, the Moscow government, although it did not organize everywhere items for separate collection of garbage, including dangerous, welcomes and supports the desire of people to install containers in their yards on their own, introducing various subsidies and, of course, reducing the cost of the waste management service.

Benefit for all

At present, residents of houses, who have installed special containers for separate collection of waste, pay far less for the removal and disposal of household waste than those who have not bothered to resolve this issue. It is for this reason that the installation of containers, including for hazardous waste, is beneficial to everyone – both residents of houses and the government, but most importantly, it is necessary for ourselves and our children, who are just beginning to live and should not suffer because that we adults pollute the environment.

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