Even a basic toolbox of a handyman must have some of the most essential tools. These tools are simple to use and easily available at the stores. Any construction, repair work, and other tasks can be performed with the help of these tools easily. Being a handyman, he must be aware of the importance of these tools in his toolbox.

In this article, we shall quickly cover the 10 most essential tools in the toolbox of a handyman. Even an experienced layman or a fresher mechanic knows how to use these tools with fewer efforts. Let us now take a look at these tools and find out how this works.
10 essential tools in the toolbox of handyman:

1. A claw hammer:

Any handyman’s toolbox will have a claw hammer. If you are planning to buy one, choose a hammer that is lighter in weight, one which has a rubber handle and that is slightly curved. Rubber handles help in holding it with grip.

2. Pair of pliers:

You need to have a good pair of pliers always with you. Varieties of pliers are available at stores in various shapes and sizes. You may pick these based on the frequency of your usage and type of work.

3. Utility Knife:

Utility knife is a must in a handyman’s toolbox. It can perform different roles and tasks as it comes handy for cutting different objects with blade adjustments. You must choose a utility knife that has a rubber handle to prevent slipping when in hands.

4. Screwdrivers:

These are easy to get as these come in a set. From furniture to vehicles, you can loosen or tighten screws of just about anything with the set. The screwdrivers come in different varieties and different shapes that you call as tips.

5. Torch:

How will you work in a low light condition or at night time? Thus, your toolbox must have a torch always to prevent from any excuse of delaying the task. Check out the varieties of flashlights available with longer batteries.

6. Drill machine:

This may sound too much of a weight but, yes your toolbox needs a drill machine too! Whether you keep it inside the toolbox or carry it separately but, there are some tasks that are incomplete without a drill machine.

7. Measuring Tape:

Go for a measuring tape that is usually 8 meters long. Avoid choosing the plastic when and pick the metal one for longer durability.

8. Grinder:

Also known as angle grinder, these are worth the money invested in! These can help the handyman to remove the sand, dust, rust, paint, polishing, and other metal objects. Grinders are also used to shape or carve any wooden piece of furniture and to sharpen any metal tools.

9. Spanner:

Spanner is more useful than a wrench however; you may choose the one that you prefer based on your tasks and role as a handyman. These can help you to adjust various bolts and nuts.

10. Small tools:

Small tools like nuts, bolts, nails, and others similar objects must be there in spare with a handyman. It shows that they are well versed with the repair work and always ready with backup tools.

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