Piping ensures the safe flow and delivery of water in households and commercial establishments. This water is utilized in several functional areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. However, exposed water pipes can be an eyesore. They can easily ruin your interior design and you’ll just have to consistently work your decor around them.

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To solve your decor worries, try these 8 simple and fun ways to hide your pipes:

1.Cover them up

Instead of burying your pipes under plasterwork, why not wrap them up with decorative tape to camouflage them in your interior? There are surely a lot of tape designs that you can find in your local art supplies store or online to help you achieve the design theme you want for your home or office. Ribbons, ropes, and scarves are also great alternatives.

2. Paint your pipes

Hide your pipes by painting them with a color that matches the surrounding material.
You can paint your pipes to make them less noticeable or color them to create statement pieces. Use a spray paint designed specifically for the type of pipe material you have. There are special spray paints for plastic or metal that can be found in the market.

3. Polish your copper pipes

Copper pipe is commonly used in commercial and residential plumbing. When polished, the material can look extra-elegant, magically transforming your entire space. Paint stripping might be a challenging and time-consuming process but the results will be worth it. Pairing polished copper pipes with decorative lighting fixtures is now becoming a popular kitchen decor.

4. Build a bookshelf around them

Don’t just cover up your plumbing with a plain wall, put up a bookshelf around them or in front of them. Whether it’s in your office or a room in your house, bookshelves will provide your personal space a fun and chic look.

5. Bring the plants inside

Indoor plants are becoming a trend nowadays. Aside from creating a lively and refreshing atmosphere in a room, you can use these plants to hide ugly pipes in your home. There is pretty much any shape or size that you want when it comes to indoor plants. Vines can give your pipes full concealment.

6. Hide your pipes behind table and sink skirts.

This is an easy way to hide your plumbing but also keeping them within reach for adjustments. For a custom fit, you can produce or design your sink skirt or shop for the material online.

7. Make use of modular blocks.

A creative way to hide exposed pipes in homes and offices, modular blocks can be built from floor to ceiling to cover up unsightly plumbing. You can order them online in a variety of sizes and designs.

Access panels offer aesthetic and quick access to plumbing pipes

Going for access panels is an economical and effective way to hide your plumbing. With an access panel, you don’t have to worry about repainting or changing the pipe decor now and then. Pipes will be housed inside the material taking it completely out of sight from your interior.

It also provides easy and secure access during component inspections, repairs or replacements. You’ll never have to take down or demolish walls to access your plumbing.

There is a wide range of access doors for different application requirements. Some doors are suitable for painting making it easy to blend into your wall or ceiling surface.

When concealing building pipes, make sure to opt for ways that will not negatively affect the workings of your plumbing system. You may ask the opinion of expert plumbers to identify the piping areas that is safe to touch for decor purposes.

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