Nobody likes having to deal with the costs that go along with hiring a plumber to fix unexpected problems. You may have a small issue like your pipe is leaking, or it might be a more serious one like your toilet has overflown and your bathroom is soaked. In any case, unless you’re a certified plumber then it’s a good idea that you give one a call.

There are many plumbers out there who say they know what they are doing and offer low prices to entice you to choose them. Some of them are very good at what they do and are just starting out, but some of them shouldn’t be trusted to take care of your plumbing issues.


Here are some signs you’ve got a bad plumber:

They aren’t prepared

You need a plumber who comes equipped with the tools to solve your plumbing issue quickly and effectively. Plumbers who don’t have the necessary supplies on hand for basic fixes are likely not experienced. Unprepared plumbers will often take longer to diagnose your plumbing problem and come up with a solution. Sometimes these plumbers end up causing more damage than there was originally, resulting in even more expenses. Ensure the plumber you hire has the necessary skills, experience, and equipment required to complete your job properly.

They are unprofessional

If your plumber is coming into your house with his shoes on, dragging dirt all over the place, and looking sloppy, this is a sign he may not be a good plumber. Great plumbers are professional in their work and appearance and will ensure they cause as little mess as possible from the work they do. They will always clean up afterwards as well. They should be polite and on-time, and should also estimate how long the work will take.

They are sketchy about the costs

Your plumber should be upfront about any costs of their work. They should be able to give you a solid price after diagnosing the problem and stick to that price after the work is done. They shouldn’t be trying to sneak hidden fees into the final price or ask you for the money before the service is performed. Be sure to ask a new plumber about pricing before they start the work, so you don’t get overcharged after the work is done.

They have bad reviews or no reviews online

Nowadays online reviews are extremely important in getting leads for your local business, especially for services like plumbing. People need to know that the plumber can be trusted and that other real people have good things to say about them. If your plumber has a low rating on their Google Business profile or Yelp page then you should be wary. Make sure to read through a number of reviews so you can get a good idea of whether they can be trusted. Make sure they are certified plumbers and are fully insured in case they cause damage to your home.

Consider these signs of a bad plumber next time you are hiring one or thinking about your current plumber. There are many fantastic plumbers in your city who know what they’re doing and will charge you a fair price for their work, just do some online research. Best of luck with your plumbing problems!


Wil Boardman – Owner of Will B. Plumbing in Guelph. Will is a licensed and insured plumber from Guelph, Ontario who founded Will B. Plumbing in 2014. His focus is to help people with their plumbing needs as cost-effectively, efficiently, and honestly as possible.

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