Pipe soldering
In a perfect world, we would not need to solder pipes as they would fit perfectly and never leak. However, if you use copper water plumbing, it is very likely that at some point you will need to cut and solder the pipes. By investing in some affordable equipment and gaining an understanding of basic [...] Read more
Drain and trap auger
Ideally, the only materials that run down a drain are thin liquids. However, we have all experienced a slow or clogged drain at least once in our lives. There are several home remedies for clogging a drain. We will cover three of the more effective home remedies. None of these involve a purchase of a [...] Read more
Frozen pipes
A common plumbing fear in cold climates is frozen pipes. When pipes freeze, they change their material quality and can easily crack or burst. If you notice that water is not flowing or has a very slow trickle when turned on, the plumbing culprit could be frozen pipes. The steps you will take to resolve [...] Read more
Shower drain
Water is absolutely essential to keep us clean. However, when water does not drain properly it can cause severe plumbing problems through leaking. A shower drain is working properly when there is a tight seal between the receiving pipe and the flange The seal between the drain pipe and fiberglass in the shower can loosen. [...] Read more
Sump pump
For many people, unwanted water is a problem in the basement or crawl space. This water occurs during periods of rain. Sump pumps prevent water from entering the lower housing areas by submerging the pump in the water. When the levels rise above the desired amount, the pump turns on and lowers the level. If [...] Read more
Tankless water heater
What is a tankless water heater? A tankless water heater heats water directly without using water from the storage tank. When you open the hot water tap, cold water flows from the tap and a burner or electric element turns the cold water into hot water. Due to this, hot water can be supplied whenever [...] Read more
Plumbing tips
Plumbing problems can range from a leaky kitchen faucet, to water dripping through the ceiling.  In our many years as professional plumbers, these are the most common plumbing issues we tend to see. Leaky Faucet This is perhaps the most frequent problem plumbers see. A steady drip could be caused by a simple worn-out O [...] Read more
A wooden chamber pot
Crapper, more commonly known as a toilet. Was made popular by Thomas Crapper when the flush feature was invented. This is where the name, the crapper gained more popularity and was the most common term used to describe a toilet. Firstly though let’s take a look further back in time at when the toilet was [...] Read more
Toilet infographic
Have you ever heard a toilet that runs a cycle even when it has not been flushed? The likely culprit is a leaky fill valve and loose flapper that prevents the flapper from closing fully. This wastes water and has the potential to cause localized house flooding. Use this how-to guide to learn how to [...] Read more

Water can be turned off in emergencies by using a valve that is either in front of your house under a heavy grate or inside your home. Here in Los Angeles, most homes feature a shut-off valve near the street. Water valves come in two standard versions. The most common ones are turned off by […]

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