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When you think about the overall health of your home, the interior plumbing is probably one of the last topics to cross your mind. While your plumbing system may not require as much attention as your HVAC system might, it does require a little attention every now and then to prevent huge problems down the […]

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Nobody likes having to deal with the costs that go along with hiring a plumber to fix unexpected problems. You may have a small issue like your pipe is leaking, or it might be a more serious one like your toilet has overflown and your bathroom is soaked. In any case, unless you’re a certified [...] Read more
plumbing materials safty
The amount of materials available to you when you are looking to complete a new or emergency plumbing project is sometimes overwhelming. There are choices along with a spectrum of materials and cost. To complicate matters, depending on the plumbing project, different materials may be more suitable than others. In this guide, we review the [...] Read more
Sump Pump Maintenance
If you have a sump pump, you know that it is very important for it to be operational before you need it. You do not want to find yourself in an increasingly wet basement before you discover that the sump pump is not working properly. A basement can get wet due to excess groundwater, heavy [...] Read more
Kitchen Garbage Disposal Sink
Preventative care always saves money in the long run. Whether it is a minor car repair or replacing a roof before a major leak happens, the upfront cost is a smart investment. An even better cost savings strategy is to treat appliances properly during use. This will minimize the number of service calls and extend [...] Read more
Drain and trap auger
Ideally, the only materials that run down a drain are thin liquids. However, we have all experienced a slow or clogged drain at least once in our lives. There are several home remedies for clogging a drain. We will cover three of the more effective home remedies. None of these involve a purchase of a [...] Read more
Sump pump
For many people, unwanted water is a problem in the basement or crawl space. This water occurs during periods of rain. Sump pumps prevent water from entering the lower housing areas by submerging the pump in the water. When the levels rise above the desired amount, the pump turns on and lowers the level. If [...] Read more
Plumbing tips
Plumbing problems can range from a leaky kitchen faucet, to water dripping through the ceiling.  In our many years as professional plumbers, these are the most common plumbing issues we tend to see. Leaky Faucet This is perhaps the most frequent problem plumbers see. A steady drip could be caused by a simple worn-out O [...] Read more

Water can be turned off in emergencies by using a valve that is either in front of your house under a heavy grate or inside your home. Here in Los Angeles, most homes feature a shut-off valve near the street. Water valves come in two standard versions. The most common ones are turned off by […]

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Mold is a term used to refer to fungi that grows in the form of multicellular thread-like structures called hyphae. These fungi can be found in damp building materials where they often appear like stains. They can come in a variety of colors and a musty smell can be an early indication of mold growth […]

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