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Love your Los Angeles vintage home but not the old pipes and weak water pressure? In really bad cases, old copper pipes can cause dirty brown water that while safe, is certainly unattractive. Old galvanized pipes tend to erode and rust quickly because of a lack of proper preventive treatment during manufacturing. The corrosion may lead to cracks and leaks. Discolored water is the direct result of excessive rust mingling with the water. Debris lodged through the pipe is one of the major reasons behind tricking water flow and the list goes on and on. Thankfully, there is a simple solution with copper repiping. Galvanized pipes can corrode, to the point of no return. Before they get that bad, repiping is a viable solution to save the structure of your current pipes which will also improve their function.

Understanding the right solution for your pipes requires experience. Rooters on Time has the knowledge and has been serving Los Angeles for years. Trust our plumbing experts to restore your pipes to their glory days and get the water flowing fast in your house again.

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Top 3 Benefits of Copper Repiping

Better Tasting Water

Copper repiping will make your water free of contaminants and rust, which will make it cleaner and taste better!

Stronger Water Pressure

No one likes weak water pressure in their showers and sinks! Sometimes all it takes is a copper repiping to give you the pressure you want.

Slab Leak Prevention

For homes built on slabs, broken pipes can leak into the concrete and cause home owner’s problems with deterioration.

Before and After

If you’re having problems with water pressure, the taste of your water or you’re concerned about the health and stability of your old pipes, copper repiping is a great solution to all those problems. Don’t wait until your pipes look like the one on the left, call us now!

Hydro jetting before after

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  • Copper pipes do NOT rust.
  • They erode very little over time.
  • They do not react adversely with trace chemicals.
  • And lastly they tend to be around for a long long time!
  • Pleasantly fresh high water pressure showers.
  • Installation with the minimum of mess.
  • Affordable rates!
  • Freedom from the cracked and dirt encased galvanized pipes.

Don’t you think that it is time to give your pipes an upgrade? Just because it is copper, don’t think it will bust your bank balance. At least not with us! We genuinely believe in improving the quality of our customers’ lives and we will give you a flat out honest rate. No matter where you live within the Los Angeles metro area, call us at the first sign of a problem and we will send a certified technician right away.


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