We have been sharing some neat visual inspiration for what you can do around your home. Pictures, like the ones below, show the versatility and design function that can be had with simple plumbing tools. These are a few more samples of what you can do with left over pipes from your own plumbing projects.

Copper Pipe Wine Rack

Copper pipe wine rack

Using a long copper pipe and coiled wire, you can create a creative storage solution for wine bottles. The spirals are positioned to create a wine tree that keeps your beverages on hand and easy to reach when you need them, while keeping up with modern aesthetic trends.

A Series of Interconnected Rain Pipes

Singing Drain Pipes

Due to the shape and construction of these pipes, rain water and air can cause them to make ringing sounds as water flows down the spouts. While this massive endeavor may be too much for a single home to do, pipes can be used to redirect water and to add aesthetic flair to any home or office.

Steampunk Pipe Desk Lamp

Steam lamp

This lamp was created with a collection of classic valves and plumbing features. The pressure gage is all for show, exemplifying how you can incorporate switches and metal attributes of your own. For this craft, you would need to know a bit about wiring, though you could adapt a standard desk lamp as well, running the lines through the piped outer body.

Get Creative with Your Plumbing

There is a lot that you can do with leftover piping and other plumbing supplies. From arts and crafts to DIY, leftover plumbing parts from previous home improvement projects can be put to good use. For additional ideas for your own projects, make sure to check out our other plumbing art post where you can find more ideas like these.

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