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Whether it’s your home or office, clogged pipes are the worst. The blockages can cause disruptions for hours, including disruptions to water flow, pools of stagnant water and damp patches. All of these things can mean big trouble when living in a busy city like Los Angeles!

Rooters on Time understands that you’ve got better things to do and are here to help with your sewer and drain cleaning problems. To get to the bottom of your sewer plumbing problems, our staff uses the latest and best machines in order to get right to the root of your problem in no time. It doesn’t matter if you just have a small back up or a complete overflow, we offer professional residential and commercial plumbing solutions all over Los Angeles County. Our staff is fully trained, licensed and insured in order to give you the best solutions to your clogs.

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You can get clean and functional drains in a jiffy! Trust us, we’ve been proudly serving Los Angeles years and we’ve seen everything from the standard hair or food items causing congestion to toys and trees that can cause much bigger problems. Don’t let a clogs cause you problems. Rooters on Time is here to help! Click below to get a free quote or call (877) 900 1314 today and you’ll even get 10$ off any drain cleaning services.

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