Sewer inspection scam

Having a part or complete sewer system fail is a smelly and unwanted mess. It can easily run into the thousands of dollars to fix a sewer system. However, most of us have probably not thought of how to be proactive in dealing with our sewer lines. Therefore, when someone approaches us and wants to perform preventative service on the sewer, it can seem like a deal that is too good to pass up. This is confusing when it is stressed as good practice during a home inspection to get your sewer line inspected. The people offering these services realize this! They take advantage of the little knowledge that homeowners have in order to stress the importance of what they are offering. In this article, we will improve your plumbing and pipe knowledge so that you are savvy when approached by a service provider.

Sewer inspection scam

Tip 1. Be Wary of Weird Questions

If people come to inspect your sewer system and ask strange questions that attempt to figure out if the person home is susceptible to saying yes to work that should not be agreed to. If you have elderly parents, be proactive in alerting them to unnecessary service work.
Tip 2. Watch Out for More than One Employee
Sometimes, a company will send two people to a neighborhood to do house calls. One person will talk to the homeowners while the other will go look at the sewer system and complete a brief inspection to prove that damage is present.

Tip 3. Be Wary of Free Screenings

It is virtually impossible to tell from a video which drains and sewers are your and which are on the property of somebody else. Therefore, a sketchy company could come to your house and claim that they will do a free check to see if you have any potential problems with your plumbing system. They will ask to record this and then show you the video. However, they are actually showing a video of a different property.

Tip 4. Ask for Evidence that a Sewer Line Needs To Be Replaced

It is not enough to take the word of an inspector that your sewer line needs to be replaced. There could be a simpler option for many problems. Check evidence or video demonstrating that intend you have irreparable damage. Remember that it is easy to create fake videos so ask the inspector to film your property before and after the sewer pipe video.

Tip 5. Get a Second Quote

If it turns out that your sewer line needs to be replaced, make sure to ask for a few different price quotes. A company could try to overcharge you and make a bad estimate on the amount of work that needs to be completed.

Tip 6. Know What your Problem Is

It is important to be knowledgeable about what your issue is. You might not know how to fix it, but by educating yourself on how these systems work you can avoid falling for scams and also demonstrate to someone that you have a nuanced understanding of the work they do. This can mitigate the problem of saying that additional damage needs to be fixed when there is actually no additional damage.

Many companies are just out to make a quick buck. This means that they will overestimate the damage they see, or even worse, manipulate damage that does not actually exist. By knowing about these potentially devious selling tactics, you can be prepared when meeting with a plumbing professional. Remember, you are the customer and you do not need to settle for less than satisfactory.

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