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Root intrusion is the foremost cause of sewer line cracks and misbehavior! However, it is a common problem especially for aging homes that you will find here in Los Angeles. If the thought of marring the whole of your residence just because of one silly root seems ridiculously pointless, you are the perfect candidate for our sewer re-lining services! We are leaders of the “No Dig” re-lining technology. Our pro technician team consists of certified installers who can use seamless, flexible PVC infused liner coated with epoxy resin to cure the myriad cracks and breaks of your sewage pipe.

How we re-invigorate worn sewer line:

  • The liner is rolled out within the damaged pipe by blowing rushing air through an access point.
  • The lining is a perfect fit for the sewage pipe.
  • The epoxy resin causes it to stick to the inner diameter of the pipe.
  • The adherence is helped out by inflating a bladder inside the lining.
  • This bladder expands with hot air, to seal the lining to the pipe walls.
  • You’re all fixed up and good as new!

This not only leaves a completely seamless, reinforced smooth pipe…it also makes digging, excavation and the chance of permanent structural damage, things of the past! As a bonus, many Homeowners Associations throughout Los Angeles county don’t allow digging or you need to have a special permit. This process eliminates this hassle.

We promise a performance guarantee on all relining services we provide. Quality workmanship is something you can depend on from us and you can expect us to treat you like a Hollywood star, even if you do not live there. We simply make a small access hole and always do what minimal digging is needed on the client’s side. We also have the best, most affordable flat out rates, use the choicest raw materials, and utilize the latest technology to ensure really sturdy and long term solutions.

For Los Angeles residents only:

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