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Sewer lines are your main drains on steroids. If they are not working like they should, the entire plumbing of your house or your business can get shot. Repeated problems, leaks and dank smells can ruin the ambiance of your home. Sewer repair and replacement needs a responsible, professional approach, which is why if you live in Los Angeles and are having concerns, you should call Rooters on Time. We use a number of techniques like sewer video inspection to gauge the exact reason behind and the depth of the blockage and get it cleared with minimal disruptions.

Get your job done right from the start with sewer and plumbing experts that have been serving Los Angeles for over 10 years! Pipes that crack and collapse frequently may need to be replaced altogether. We do that too! Our rates are reasonable and the work top quality. Trust us to know what permits are required to initiate sewer repairs, and we will take care of it.

Get Help in Los Angeles with Your Copper or PVC Piping

  • Save your old pipes by lining them with epoxy resin which will harden to form a new sturdy pipe.
  • Blow up your old pipe underground and effortlessly pull a new continuous one through.
  • Newest and the best technology employed for YOUR benefit.
  • Trenchless and conventional sewer repair.
  • Life time guarantee on our trenchless sewer projects.
  • Completely cleaned and disinfected site after wrap up.

Digging can cause unsightly messes, wreaking havoc all around a beautiful home. In some Los Angeles county cities, you’ll have to contend with Homeowners Associations, and they won’t allow the mess to last for long. Why not go with a choice that leaves minimal damage to your property and makes everyone happy? We understand your pain and that is why we can proudly bring to you our trenchless sewer repair facilities. Very few contractors can handle this technology. See the difference with Rooters on Time. Call today for a free inspection or take advantage of one of our coupons below.

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