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Sinks, drains, and faucets are three very temperamental brothers! Generally, when one throws a tantrum, the other two follow suit. A leaky faucet that keeps dripping is not just an annoyance; it is wastage of water our planet can not afford. Furthermore, living in Los Angeles often means living in a drought. A simple drip can cost a lot when water prices go up and put a precious resource to waste.

Thankfully, the solutions are usually simple and when you call us we can have things back in working order on the same day. Leaky spouts are generally the symptom of a loose or worn down part. The constant trickling of water can leave ugly brown water marks on the sink and can eventually cause damage to the pipes as well.

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If you reside in Los Angeles county, let us come to the rescue! Save pipes and save your money by requesting repairs early. Pipes, faucets and drains are all an integral part of your home. Yes, they are meant to handle water flow…but they too need some time to dry out occasionally! Do not overlook the distress signals. Otherwise you may soon be shelling out a lot of money for your plumbing needlessly!

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