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Water and gas leaks are not only aggravating, but highly dangerous too. This can be especially in case of commercial ventures and buildings! If you own a home or business in Los Angeles and are experiencing seepage of any kind, it’s best to call a professional right away before the problem gets worse. For example, dripping water that goes by unnoticed can not only lead to dampening of wall plaster and eventual peeling of wall paper, if left untreated it can turn into a full-fledged micro flood and destroy expensive furniture, drapes and upholstery.

Water and gas leak detection

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Did you know that 23% of all accidental household disasters happen due to gas leaks? Save your home and your family. If you hear the incessant dripping from your faucet or can smell the gas, however faintly, for more than 3 days at a stretch, give us a call. We will find out the source of the leak, assess the damage and fix it immediately.

Leaks? No Problem!

If you think that your home may be taking on water, your first call should be Rooters on Time. We can find your issue and offer your solutions that will match your budget.

Plus, all of our services include:

  • Speedy and immediate response
  • Reliable team to handle leakage problems
  • Safe resolution of the problem using latest gadgets and tools

Our water and gas leak detection service is one of the most sought after in Los Angeles. Demand only the best in service and satisfaction. When emergency calls… there is only one option: Rooters on Time. We perform all maintenance to city code, so you can know your problem is not only resolved, but done correctly! If you suspect a water or gas leak, call (877) 900 1314 and get the help you need.

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