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The basic civic amenity of modern life, we rarely ever give much thought to our trusty old water heater. But just think about it: Ice cold water giving you goose bumps or if it’s scalding hot, causing serious burns! What you need to enjoy your bath is perfection! Older homes in Los Angeles are often susceptible to aging heaters and can benefit from newer technology.

To achieve desired water temperature, your heater needs repair and maintenance. The temperature and pressure valves may be malfunctioning. The pilot light may have trouble lighting up or plain and simple, the boiler may have become erratic over time. Our expert fixers and technicians can bring any type of water heater back to life within budget and with the least mess. After all, water heater repair and installation is what we do! If it is time to change yours, give us a call. Our water heaters are extremely energy efficient and we can cut down your electric bill by 25%!

Water Heater Solutions for Los Angeles Residents

  • Affordable and efficient water heater installation and repair
  • Get rid of leaking, faulty valves and pilot lights
  • Go tankless and get Energy savings up to 20%
  • Life time functioning without problems
  • Speedy service

Tankless Options Are Here!

There have been a lot of breakthroughs in water heating technology, the chief one being tankless radiators. They are not only super economical, they also take up less space than a conventional model. Even if you own an older home here in Los Angeles, you can use this option. They connect to standard piping and have the benefit of not utilizing stored water. This means that you can enjoy the force of fresh hot water in your bath, shower or even kitchen sink. We are proficient in the art of tankless radiator replacement and installation too, so whether you are looking for a new model or need repairs, we can do it all.

Don’t suffer with poor water temps any longer. Call (877) 900 1314 and see what the options are for your home. For all of our Los Angeles county customers, we are including a coupon below so that you can save a little and see the difference with Rooters on Time. Schedule your appointment today.

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